Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hollycaust DEBUNKED?

Speaking of the Holocaust, how much do we REALLY know about it?

As in - how much more of it really happened as claimed, or was possibly faked or embellished for political capital and monetary gain? Because it certainly has proven to be a very lucrative industry ripe for exploitation ever since.
"During the past 50 years, Germany alone gave a total of some $100 billion. Many European countries began to amend their laws so that they would be compatible with the Holocaust myth … and they toughened the regulations, resolutions, and laws convicting anyone who mocks this lie or tries to [state that] the number of victims was smaller – as happened to Muslim philosopher Roger Garaudy in France.
Now, I suppose any exorbitant amount would be a paltry sum for a megadeath genocide. And, millions of Jews really were murdered by the NAZIs, right?

That's horrific! And surely, there's plenty of good evidence and hard math for this figure though, right?
There is one survey of the Jewish question in Europe during World War Two and the conditions of Germany's concentration camps which is almost unique in its honesty and objectivity, the three-volume Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War, Geneva, 1948.

One of the most important aspects of the Red Cross Report is that it clarifies the true cause of those deaths that undoubtedly occurred in the camps toward the end of the war. Says the Report: "In the chaotic condition of Germany after the invasion during the final months of the war, the camps received no food supplies at all and starvation claimed an increasing number of victims.

The Red Cross are quite explicit in stating that food supplies ceased at this time due to the Allied bombing of German transportation

International Red Cross found no evidence whatever at the camps in Axis occupied Europe of a deliberate policy to exterminate the Jews
. In all its 1,600 pages the Report does not even mention such a thing as a gas chamber. It admits that Jews, like many other wartime nationalities, suffered rigours and privations, but its complete silence on the subject of planned extermination is ample refutation of the Six Million legend. Like the Vatican representatives with whom they worked, the Red Cross found itself unable to indulge in the irresponsible charges of genocide which had become the order of the day.
But, what about Auschwitz, then? Wasn't that a certified death camp?
The ever declining numbers of alleged dead at Auschwitz are graphically illustrated by the plaques from the camp.

The first is the plaque that was on display at the Auschwitz camp from 1948 until 1989 and states "4 million" victims perished.
The second plaque currently on display at Auschwitz has the dramatically reduced number of victims to now only "1.5 million"...a casual reduction in the number of deaths by an incredible 2.5 million.

The estimate of 135,500 is roughly corroborated by the "Auschwitz death books." The death books themselves are wartime German camp records, which were captured by the Soviets towards the end of the war, and hidden in Soviet achieves, until released to the Red Cross in 1989.
Wow, looks like someone was really bad at math for the alleged bodycount to rise as high as 9 million from "just" 135K! And what about chemistry...?
Both reports found only minuscule traces of hydrogen cyanide gas (HCN) residue in samples taken from the walls and floors of the alleged homicidal Auschwitz gas chambers. Yet, very large amounts of HCN residue were found in samples taken from the non-homicidal disinfestation chambers, where HCN was used only to delouse mattresses, clothing and other belongings. If the structures in question were actually used as homicidal gas chambers, one would expect to find a considerable HCN residue buildup, somewhat comparable to that found in the non-homicidal disinfestation chambers. In both reports the conclusions are the same. The alleged homicidal gas chambers never existed.
In a dramatic and unprecedented videotaped interview, Dr. Franciszek Piper, senior curator and director of archives of the Auschwitz State Museum admitted on camera that 'Krema 1,' the alleged 'homicidal gas chamber' shown off to hundreds of thousands of tourists every year at the Auschwitz main camp, was, in fact, fabricated after the war by the Soviet Union -apparently on the direct orders of Josef Stalin.

What Piper said - in effect and on camera - was that the explosive 1988 Leuchter Report was correct: no homicidal gassings took place in the buildings designated as 'homicidal gas chambers' at Auschwitz.

Ah yes, Joseph David Djugashvili Jewison "Stalin" (note fiendish grin and Anglicized pseudoname)...
Historians estimate that some seven million people died during the 1932-33 famine, which Ukrainians say was deliberately started by the then Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.
Yea, that guy was a real jerk!!!

But OK, so if more of them died from starvation resulting from Allied bombing than gas chambers...then where did this 6 million figure come from?
voluminous German records confiscated by the Allies at the end of the war clearly show that the German "final solution" program was one of emigration and deportation, not extermination
Jews called emigration 'extermination.'

Recently released records, sealed for years, show "concentration camp" death totals of only 271,301

Six million Jews did not die; the whole claim was a complete fabrication"

a scanned image of an Official International Red Cross document proving the so-called “Holocaust” never happened
Wow, so is all this really true? And where was all the evidence for the contrary (official version) to begin with? Don't the questions surrounding this monumental issue warrant it being re-opened for serious academic research & debate?

Yet, I only see a few lone iconoclasts on the internetz daring to do so...
- Zundelsite Rebuttal
- The Hoax of the Twentieth Century by Arthur R. Butz (free pamphlets)
- Problems with the Orthodox Jewish Version (OJV)

Hmm, why is that?

YIKES! That sounds a lot like CENSORSHIP! And 0rwellian THOUGHT-POLICING! WTF!

In fact, now 10 countries in the EU have laws to put anyone who denies the Jewish version of the Holocaust behind bars...

And military historian, David Irving, has already served 3 years in prison for the Austrian-0rwellian "speech crime" of "trivialising the Holocaust."

Hold up. Now, why is any open discussion on this matter absolutely taboo and punishable by imprisonment in Zionist countries?

And why should we all even care if a couple of "looneys" get locked up for exercising their First Amendment rights to FREE SPEECH?
"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then ... they came for me ... And by that time there was no one left to speak up."


Anonymous Balthazar said...

OHH the Force is strong in you, Obi-Wan!

More vids here.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 3:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, ww2 is always about the jews, well, what about the other people?? According to wikipedia: "Over 60 million people, the majority of them civilians, were killed, making it the deadliest conflict in human history." Civilians don't like playing war, only a very small number of people in topfunctions like war, civilians are ALWAYS poorer after a war. What if they made war, and nobody came.. ?

Friday, May 02, 2008 5:08:00 AM  
Blogger Renegade Evolution said...

I have a grandfather, Russian Jew, with a number on his arm and missing toes.

That says something to me.

Friday, May 09, 2008 11:07:00 PM  
Blogger byrdeye said...

^ Yes, but what exactly does it say?

I haven't researched all the specifics so far, but as far as I know now:

1) Were there internment camps where many Jews and others were sent? Sure.
2) Might these inmates have been ID'd with tattoos to keep track of them? Sure..
3) Might some of these inmates been mistreated, abused or used in sick medical experiments by the NAZIs? I wouldn't doubt it at all.
4) Was this alone a human atrocity? Sure. But, tens of millions also died in human atrocities during wwII. Death, famine, violence, starvation and persecution were simply a "way of life" for many back then.

Ok, let's say those all are basically agreed upon.

The real questions subject to debate then are:

1) Does any of this mean that 6 million Jews were intentionally gassed to death in these camps? Not at all necessarily.
2) Where is the evidence for this bold claim then? Honestly, I'm not sure. Propaganda? Because while this textbook story gets tosssed around like fact - I'm not sure the hard data supports it. And when you do look for hard evidence, it becomes a wild goose chase that leads in one direction to...what all I posted.
3) So, is there sufficient reason to question the "official account," then? Absolutely.
4) Why is this mere free inquiry punishable by imprisonment in the EU, then? I dunno. Seems additional research can only bolster the truth. You tell me...

Saturday, May 10, 2008 9:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rhetorics became a subject of intence study after world war II. Many afterwards have wondered, and still does, how simple use of demagogy could force ordinary people into doing such inhumane things to one another - or simply turn their eyes away in happy ignorance. Mind you - danger lurks, when you use partial argumentation in order to achieve the results you seek. Nazis practiced that same foolishness and this article displays the same peudo academic argumentation as well. Please hear other sides of the allegedly false history before concluding anything yet. Be wise, and be well aware that history repeats itself, if we allow it to. I'm not convinced that the author of this homepage wouldn't agree if an obscure amount of evidence is shown to him/her, but it's obvious that denying holocaust is the easy way out, 'cause afterall we are people, and where are we at, if humans can do such horrible things to each other? It's a hard mother f*cking fact of life, but we can, sadly.

Thursday, September 18, 2008 3:21:00 PM  
Anonymous sexyrose said...

Free speech and parental rights don't apply anymore...once Jews get involved!

Young 'Adolf Hitler' and Two Sisters Removed From Home

A 3-year-old boy named Adolf Hitler and his two Nazi-named younger sisters were removed from their New Jersey home last week and placed in state custody, police said.

Adolf Hitler Campbell and his sisters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, were taken from their Holland Township, N.J., home on Friday by the state's Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS), Sgt. John Harris of the Holland Township Police Department told FOXNews.com.

Their father, Heath Campbell, is expected in court Thursday in Flemington, N.J., in connection with the case.

Kate Bernyk, a spokeswoman for the DYFS, said confidentiality laws barred her from commenting on the case or even confirming that the Campbell children were involved.

"DYFS has their reasons and they normally don’t release any information, so we kind of have to go on faith with them," Harris said. Police were not told what the agency was investigating.

"I’ve dealt with the family for years and as far as the children are concerned, I have never had any reports of any abuse with the children," Harris said. "As far as I know, he’s always been very good with the children."

Thursday, January 15, 2009 8:16:00 PM  
Anonymous saunaburn said...

Who Is Ernst Zundel, And Why Is He In Jail?

For more than six months now, Ernst Zundel has been held without charge in solitary confinement in Canada on the pretext that he is a threat to national security. In fact, this 64-year-old German-born writer, publisher and civil rights activist is a political prisoner and a victim of great injustice.

Among those who testified on Zundel’s behalf in the two trials were Robert Faurisson, David Irving, Mark Weber, William Lindsey, Udo Walendy, and Bradley Smith. As a result of the two trials, an enormous quantity of compelling evidence refuting the Holocaust extermination story was presented to the court and thereby was made part of the permanent public record. The most important of this evidence was the historic testimony of American gas chamber expert Fred Leuchter about his on-site forensic examination of the alleged extermination gas chambers in Poland.

Of this remarkable man, Robert Faurisson wrote in 1988: “Zundel may once again go to prison for his research and beliefs or be threatened with deportation. All this is possible. Anything may happen when there is an intellectual crisis and a realignment of historical concepts of such a dimension. Revisionism is the great intellectual adventure of the end of this century. Whatever happens, Ernst Zundel is already the victor.”

Monday, January 19, 2009 5:13:00 PM  
Anonymous amen! said...

Jewish officials in Israel and abroad are outraged that Pope Benedict XVI has decided to lift the excommunication of a British bishop who denies that Jews were killed in Nazi gas chambers.

The pope's decree, issued Saturday, brings back into the Catholic Church's fold Bishop Richard Williamson and three other bishops who belong to the Society of Saint Pius X.

The church's decision to lift the excommunication comes a few days after a Swedish television aired an interview with Williamson in which the 68-year-old claimed the Nazis did not use gas chambers.

"I believe that the historical evidence is strongly against -- is hugely against -- 6 million Jews having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler," he said in the interview, which appeared on various Web sites since its broadcast.

"I believe there were no gas chambers," he added.

He added: "I think that 200,000 to 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps, but none of them by gas chambers."

Holocaust denial is treated as a crime in Germany.

Monday, January 26, 2009 4:48:00 PM  
Anonymous clamchowda said...

Why does "nobody" care about the REAL Holocaust in Iraq today?

The state of Iraq has now lost 1,000,000 citizens since the beginning of America’s war of arrogant ignorance began. In four years, one million human beings have died, an average of 250,000 every year, nearly 70 people every day. Combined with the two million people who have died as a result of sanctions, it can be stated that 3 million Iraqis have died since the early 1990’s. The carnage has only intensified, with bombings routinely killing 200 Iraqis one day and 150 more another day. Assassinations of military age men has become routine, found in the morning haze, bullet holes in the back of their heads, victims of America’s counter-insurgency, El Salvador-style tactics. Over 20,000 men, most of them innocent civilians, now saturate America’s vast gulag system in Iraq, held captive without due process, existing in limbo and uncertainty, in essence kidnapped from their homes or from the street, victims of American dehumanization and ignorance of culture. How many of these men have been or are tortured in places such as Abu Ghraib? How many have died while in custody, made to disappear, forever lost in some remote mass grave?

To be in Iraq is to be living in hell on Earth, a place so devastating, so horrific, that it has become the rule, not the exception, to see feral dogs eating from dead corpses. It is to see football fields become mass graveyards, mosques become mortuaries, and how missiles and artillery destroy homes and businesses, turning lives into rubble. It is to experience the rape of your daughter, the mental retardation of your son, the humiliation of your family, the invasion into your home by American forces, the dehumanization of American boots stomping your face, placing a dark hood over your head, taking your clothes off, calling you humiliating words, treating you like an animal.

Living in Iraq is to survive day to day, roaming city streets ducking bombs and bullets, possessing little money for food, lost in a sea of fear and uncertainty, unable to find employment, having two to four hours of electricity, an unworkable sewage and garbage collection system, having to spend up to three days waiting in line in order to fill your vehicle with gasoline. It is to have the smell of death permeate your every pore every single day, the smell of bombs and smoke and bullets becoming constant reminders of your closeness with death. It is to wonder if luck and fate will decide a car bomb will blow you to bits when you walk to the market, or whether a sniper will cause your head to explode like a watermelon. It is to fear an American contractor or soldier will decide your vehicle should be machine-gunned for fun and games, because it is cool to destroy the lives of enemies that are not considered human, and whether your son and father have had enough of the occupation and humiliation and will inevitably join the resistance.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009 4:26:00 PM  
Blogger Hattie said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Sunday, January 10, 2010 10:51:00 PM  
Anonymous fotrill said...

Auschwitz survivor: ‘Israel acts like Nazis’
Exclusive: Graeme Murray and Chris Watt
Published on 24 Jan 2010

One of the last remaining Auschwitz survivors has launched a blistering attack on Israel over its occupation of Palestine as he began a lecture tour of Scotland.

Dr Hajo Meyer, 86, who survived 10 months in the Nazi death camp, spoke out as his 10-day tour of the UK and Ireland – taking in three Scottish venues – got under way. His comments sparked a furious reaction from hardline Jewish lobby groups, with Dr Meyer branded an “anti-Semite” and accused of abusing his position as a Holocaust survivor.

Dr Meyer also attended hearings at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Thursday, where five pro-Palestine campaigners are accused of racially aggravated conduct after disrupting a concert by the Jerusalem Quartet at the city’s Queen’s Hall.

Speaking as his tour got under way, Dr Meyer said there were parallels between the treatment of Jews by Germans in the Second World War and the current treatment of Palestinians by Israelis.

He said: “The Israelis tried to dehumanise the Palestinians, just like the Nazis tried to dehumanise me.
Nobody should dehumanise any other and those who try to dehumanise another are not human.

“It may be that Israel is not the most cruel country in the world … but one thing I know for sure is that Israel is the world champion in pretending to be civilised and cultured.”

Dr Meyer was born in 1924 in Bielefeld, Germany. He was not allowed to attend school there after November 1938. He then fled to the Netherlands, alone. In 1944, after a year in the underground, he was caught by the Gestapo and survived 10 months at Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

He now lives in the Netherlands, and is the author of three books on Judaism, the Holocaust and Zionism.

Dr Meyer also insisted the definition of “anti-Semitic” had now changed, saying: “Formerly an anti-Semite was somebody who hated Jews because they were Jews and had a Jewish soul. But nowadays an anti-Semite is somebody who is hated by Jews.”

A spokesman for the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, of which Dr Meyer is a member, said criticising Israel was “not the same” as criticising Jews.

Mick Napier, Scottish Palestine ­Solidarity Campaign chairman and one of the five demonstrators facing charges when the court case continues in March, said: “Palestinians are happy to have him as an ally in their cause.

“Hajo knows that Israel has a long history of abusing the tragic history of the Holocaust in order to suppress legitimate criticism of its own crimes.

“Especially since Gaza, people are no longer taken in by their claim that anyone that criticises Israel is anti-Semitic.”

Dr Meyer’s claims met with a furious reaction from pro-Israel groups, who branded him “a disgrace”.

Jonathan Hoffman, co-vice-chairman of the Zionist Federation, said: “I shall be telling him he is abusing his status as a survivor, and I shall be telling him that if Israel had been created 10 years earlier, millions of lives might have been saved.

“Whether he is a survivor or not, to use Nazi comparisons in relation to Israel’s policies is anti-Semitic, unquestionably.”

The tour was cynically timed, Mr Hoffman added, to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27.

Dr Ezra Golombok, Scottish spokesman for the Israel Information Office, accused the anti-zionist lobby of “exploiting” Dr Meyer, who he described as someone “who’s got into a situation he doesn’t understand”.

“This is a propaganda exercise by Mick Napier and his friends, and nothing more. It’s preposterous to compare Israel with Nazi tactics.”

The lecture series, entitled Never Again – For Anyone, continues until January 30.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010 9:42:00 PM  
Anonymous shhhhhhhh said...

In France, making anti-Semitic remarks is punishable by up to six months in prison or with a fine of up to 22,500 euros (£19,200).

Friday, February 25, 2011 4:26:00 PM  
Anonymous zooman said...

*** alarm clock ***

wakkee upp!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011 11:42:00 AM  

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