Sunday, August 03, 2008

Battlefield Earth!

"Demonic" Reptiles vs. "Angelic" Mammals?
A group of beings descended (descended Angels, demons) who operated at the right hand of Satan and created a civilization within this universe using the DNA from the Old Universe. They developed into the Draco (cold blooded, reptilian) whose purpose was to create a Left Brain influence and support structure for the contamination that entered this galaxy.

At the center of the galaxy was the Lyraen civilization which was border line E.T./physical reality. Totally Right Brain, it was Christlike, etheric, and very noble.
claims made by some contactees of interstellar wars that have raged between the Nordic "Lyrans" and the Reptiloid "Dracos"? The Vega Lyrans are now reportedly allied with other human colonial worlds such as those in Zenatae Andromeda, Tau Ceti and Procyon whereas the Alpha Dracos have apparently extended their empire to Epsilon Bootes, Rigel Orion, and Zeta II Reticuli.

A third "intermediary" group -- wherein both humanoid and reptiloid and other genetically-engineered species reportedly engage in conflicts and/or collaborations due to involvement with a common non-exclusive collective or group-mind matrix called the "Ashtar" or "Astarte" network -- is centered in Sirius-B and in turn in Arcturus, Aldebaran, and Altair.

the DRACOs planted BOTH the Lumerian AND the Sumerian genetic 'garden' of EArth. Alpha Draconis was directly responsible for what we call Lumeria, but because they paid for and set the rules (via the Drac taught Enlil / Yalweh / Michael / Amun) to the N'ibi-uru expensive gold mining planetoid - they were ALSO the puppet string operator for SUMERIA (Summaire means 'Dragon', as does Khumara).
other contactees state that the entire galactic federation worlds can be traced back to an ancient alliance between the Sol-Vega systems... some suggesting that life was planted on earth from Vega, whereas others believe it was the other way around... and apparently the Dracos are one of those. Aside from any territorial "paternal" instinct on the part of the "Draconians" to re-conquer their "home planet" [earth], some of the worst reptilian sub-species have an even more sinister motive. These are the vampirial types, who actually seek to feed (loosh) off of human emotional energies and life force/essence in order to acquire the energy that they apparently need not only to infiltrate our world but also our dimension. Having genetically engineered themselves along more "warrior instinct" lines, what little connection they might have had to a "spiritual" side has been all but eliminated, and they are motivated only by the predatory instinct of their collective which apparently knows only one agenda: conquer, assimilate, consume!
When the Draco realized that they would be driven off the planet Earth, they prepared vast underground bases that were kept in suspended animation for future time. They also created beings called the Deros, a cross between humanoid and Draco.

Placed inside the Earth, they remain there to this day until the time of Revelation is complete.
for some reason planet earth is considered by all sides to be the KEY to the whole conflict, which is why ALL SIDES are taking a direct interest in events here.
Wow, so WTF is this - Battlefield Earth?! So, how long has this ish been going on here?


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